Arcachon | A very small city | France



A seaside resort town in southwest France that’s known for oyster harvesting.


To be honest. Arcachon is really, really small. And there is really not much to do.


That´s why this will be a rather short post. Take it as a little bit of goodness before the weekend 😉




Here´s a park.




Fun fact: The four districts are named after the seasons.




The summer district is home to shopping streets. In the winter quarter, you can admire the extravagant 19th – century villas. And they look really nice.




They reminded me a little of the houses I saw in Strasbourg. 🙂


South of the town is the Dune du Pilat, a 2.7 km natural sand dune.


That´s what we came for, and that´s where we are going next.


Get excited about next week.


See you again on Friday 😉


Fabi out.



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