Montreal | 6 months in Canada | Part IV – Art & Music

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Time for Art & Music!

Montreal has a lot to offer in regards to Art. Especially modern Art and Street Art is big!

1) Graffiti – it´s everywhere!  

art montreal

Every year the Under Pressure – Graffiti Festival takes place in Montreal during August.

It was founded in 1996 in Montreal and it is the biggest Graffiti & Hip Hop Festival in North America!

And that for a reason!

art montreal

Those beautiful mural paintings can be found everywhere in the urban areas and it is part of Montreal´s charm.

Particularly on the Plateau you can find it on almost every wall of big houses. This give the City Center a very unique and hip flair.

art montreal

Montreal is not called the Hipster-Version of New York City for nothing! 😀

Here is one of my favorite works:

art montreal

2) Museums & Art – Montreal is crazy! 

Also in regards to museums, Montreal has a lot to offer. I got particularly thrilled by the visit of the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal).

There, I admired the numerous pieces of modern art. So crazy!

art montreal

The stone statue and a rock on a thin cord 😀

art montreal

The Naked-Giant-Hairdo-Woman 😀

art montreal

A gigantic wooden grenade! 😀

art montreal

The Naked-Man-and-Woman-Wooden-Stake 😀

Can you recognize what it is?

(A man stands on the left, a woman kneels on the right 😉 )

art montreal

The shocked Stone-Face 🙂

art montreal

A happy head with arms and legs.

Titled as Supernatural Being 😀 😀

art montreal

I have no idea what that´s supposed to be.

I would name it “Please kill me!”

Art Montreal

3) Music – Awesome Record Stores & Garage Sales 

On a delightful Wednesday morning I received an urgent call from Victor: “Fabi! Go get dressed! We are going to a Garage Sale and buy some nice stuff!”

How can you say no to that?

So I grabbed one of the bixis, the city bikes of Montreal, and started racing towards Joliette. Once I arrived there, I met Victor and we went down into the cellar of a dilapidated apartment block. Some of the Garages were open and friendly people were showing you what they had.

We quickly discovered a Garage that was full to the ceiling with old records. We finally had discovered something interesting 😀 We started negotiating a bit and got 8 really neat vinyls for a pretty good price. Since I did not have a record player at that time, I decided to pin them to the wall of my room as decoration.

And that was what it looked like at the end:

art montreal

They got style, don´t you think? 😀

art montreal

Pretty damn awesome!

Have you ever been to an Art-Festival? 😮

Do you collect vinyls or old CDs? 🙂

Tell me and write it down in the comments! 😀

art montreal

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