Bordeaux | Part #1 | Sightseeing and Red Wines | France



Hub of the famed wine-growing region. A port city on the Garonne River in southwestern France.


Very French 😉




The bus ride


Georg and I took the night bus from Nice to Bordeaux. A 10-hour drive and for me a very comfortable experience. As always I had my neck pillow, earbuds, and sleeping mask and I was ready for my beauty sleep.


Within a couple of minutes, I had fallen asleep. I only woke up once during one stop when a guy tried to sit on my feet so I had to move, but all in all, I spent a very uneventful night.


Georg, not so much. As he told me the next day when we got off the bus and stepped into the sunlight of Bordeaux: “There was this crazy woman who all of sudden started yelling at the bus driver in the middle of the night. Apparently, she felt cold and wanted him to turn the AC off. When he refused she freaked out and screamed as if he had just torn her leg off.”


I had slept through the entire scene. Very untypical for me 😀


First day


Anyway, …


We left our stuff in our room and headed into the center.


The first thing that grabbed our attention was the marvelous Grand Théatre de Bordeaux.




Our way then led us straight to the Place des Quinconces.




Here we examined the huge Column of Girondins on the Esplanade des Quinconces. 😀




On the back side of the statue, there was one funny part that represented a big fish, with one naked baby riding it and two people on each side of the fish.


I wondered if I could jump so far and also sit on the fish. I thought about it for a minute then jumped.




Was it worth it? Absofuckinlutly.


After this little thrill, we were hungry and looked for a restaurant that had been recommended to us by our hostel receptionist, who was really high at the time 😀


So we found it and ordered a Croque Monsieur, a French specialty.


Veeeery tasty. 😀




Second day


On this day we started to play a little game called “butt – sex with the iron statue”. Not a very intelligent game, still very entertaining. The rules were simple. Whenever it was your turn you had to spot one of the iron statues that were standing everywhere in Bordeaux, being part of an art promotion, and tell the other one. The other person then had to make it look like he was making love to the statue from behind. 😀


It looked something like this.




Or this…




Here we have the Pey-Berland Bell Tower. A tower with a big-ass bell, situated to the south-east of the chevet of the Cathedral of Saint-André. It was built in the 15th century in the Gothic style.




During a guided tour we spotted this little piece of art. Interesting 😀




Georg and I also visited the Musée du Vin – a wine museum, where we had a delightful wine tasting. 😀




This is a miniature ship that was used for the transportation of wine.




I love wine. 😉


Question time:


What is your favorite statue?


I know,… odd question huh? But think about it. Maybe you come up with an interesting answer.


Till next time!


Fabi out 😀






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