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It was the second trip that I did together with all the other exchange students at HEC Montreal, the first one being our trip to Cuba. We took the Bus from Montreal to get to Boston, which took us about seven hours. Since we travelled at night I basically slept through the entire ride which was probably only possible because I came well prepared.

Earbuds, a blindfold and neck pillow.

I had it all.

Listening to some smooth Jazz on the ride I was as relaxed as I could be, only the short stay at the border control woke me up. But gladly I had already travelled to the US two weeks before this trip so it made my stay even shorter because I already had the visa stamp in my passport. Some of the Latinos experienced quite some difficulties at the border but I don´t remember exactly why just that it took them ages to get through the control section.

And then we finally arrived in beautiful Boston.


We arrived early in the morning and most of the students went straight to their rooms but I couldn´t wait any longer so Ben and I decided to hit the road and start exploring.

So we went straight to the city center and stumbled upon the one and only Paramount Theatre. Opened in 1932, this single-screen movie theatre with 1700 seats was one of the first movie houses in Boston to play talking motion pictures.

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After that we took a stroll through Boston Common and Boston Public Garden where we saw a graceful statue of George Washington on his horse.

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Next we met up with our exchange squad and went to the TD Garden Centre where we watched a match of the Boston Celtics against the San Antonio Spurs. It was my first live Basketball game and it was truly amazing. Before the game a young girl sung the National Anthem and everybody got really emotional. A great experience.

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On the next day we did some shopping since it was Black Friday and everything was really, really cheap. Except I really expected at least some exaggerated fights over some Black Friday promotions among some Americans but that sadly did not happen. So I bought a bunch of stuff at A&F even though I do not necessarily like the brand but it was just too cheap to be true. Also I made a great deal and bought a nice hat from a local hat store. Normally it costs like 300 bucks but I only paid about 80 USD so yeah I was pretty happy that day.

Next thing I know we went to Harvard University and our guide showed us the apartments where Marc Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and even Matt Damon (yeah he went there too) used to live and study. Fun Fact: all of them dropped out of university to do their own thing. Also I saw the massive library which is said to consist of about 5 million books. That is fucking insane if you think about it. What’s more, is that the founder John Harvard donated most of them to the university or something like that. And then here is the famous statue of him:

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Fun Fact: The guy who made this statue actually took some drama student as a template and not the actual John Harvard. So in fact it is just a statue of a random dude. But it looks pretty so yeah…

On the final day we made a stop at the Boston library.


Look here is a picture of a lion statue. Imagine having that thing at home at your front door. So cool.


Before leaving this magical city we took a closer look at the Hancock Tower, which is not only the highest building in Boston but also was originally built as an office for some sort of insurance company but then the same company had financial difficulties and got forced to move to a new office. And still today the mystery remains of who really works in there because nobody who I asked on the streets knew it.

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And that´s it.


Thanks so much for reading my blog post about my trip to Boston.

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