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Cuba get ready! Here we come 😀


For one week I lived in Varadero and travelled through beautiful Cuba.

I will never forget the experience 😀


To get out of Varadero and start exploring we set our first destination: Havanna. We took a big car and off we went.

We had a guide called Fidel (very stereotypical I know) who was a very nice guy and informed us a lot about the history and world events relating Cuba.

A bit of geography:

Over 11 million people live on the island called Cuba. In the North-West, it borders on the Gulf of Mexico, in the North-East on the Atlantic Ocean and in the South on the Caribbean Sea.

After 1,5h driving, we finally arrived at the capital: La Havanna, the biggest metropolis of the Caribbean.

On the way there we had time to get a cool drink.

Sipping on a Piña Colada while admiring the second biggest valley in Cuba: the Yumure Valley.

Yummy ! 😀


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And suddenly I found myself standing on the Plaza de Revolución. The exact place where Fidel Castro announced in his famous speech:

“It will be a red revolucion. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!”

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Here you can see a picture of a Cuban Taxi.

I got a bit cheeky and sat in the taxi.

You put the Fabi in the coco taxi ??☀️in #cuba found my #dreamjob on #vacation #travel #carporn

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Also, the cigar factory was very, very interesting.  More than 30.000 cigars are rolled each day by a total of 625 workers. The leaves come from West Cuba and are aged properly for 3 whole years to develop its full aroma.


In order to produce one of those cigars, several leaves are rolled together, one on top of the other. Then, they use a specific sticky resin of a Canadian tree named Cobaba to glue them together.

Authentic, colorful American cars can be seen everywhere in Havanna.  I talked to some of the native people there and apparently, those cars are very popular and are only given to public servants or people who worked for the government.

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A rainbow of cars! Very stylish!


In Old Havanna, you can immediately tell by the infrastructure that the population is way poorer here. However, the streets are always full with people and excitement!


The morning after, I convinced myself to go on a jeep tour. Together with Marco from Stuttgart, Germany, and an Asian couple, the wild adventure began.

Mega-spontaneous !

We went snorkeling and I saw some beautiful corals. I ALMOST swam into a gigantic, white jellyfish. Lucky me!

There were many blue surgeon-fish, clownfish and long silver fish. On the bottom of the sea I saw some weird-looking round corals that looked a bit like balloons but with a maze-like pattern on its surface.


While eating my delicious coconut, I set off into the wildness on my own and discovered on the way to La Laguna maya a couple of wild dogs and horses who were having a good time playing around.

I think this is the way nature should be like. Animals of all sorts just running around in complete freedom and living in harmony with humans.


Next we drove our jeeps to a breathtaking bridge, raced through the jungle and rode on motorboats.


While stuffing myself with the most delicious lobster I have ever eaten, I was admiring a dance ritual by some Native Cubans.


After that, we stopped at a sugar cane farm. Right in front of my eyes, a farmer cut his sugar canes into tiny pieces using a huge machete and gave them to us to try.

Very sweet and stringy. It feels like you chew on very soft wood.

Very unique experience 🙂


On top of that we got to try home-made coffee and saw a pineapple plantation.

Those fruits are fucking enormous!


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Next up we visited the city centre of Havanna.

On the famous square called Plaza de Armas, we had a look at the traditional book stores. You could already see first signs of globalisation and open borders when looking at the books. A lot of them were imported.

Then we came by a traditional flea market, where I had some time to talk with the locals and test my Spanish. They were very open, warm and welcoming and truly interested in what you have to say.

On the way back we passed by the beautiful Universidad de Cuba. This was the very same university where Fidel Castro used to plan his revolution back in the days. That was because the cuban police was strictly forbidden to enter the university premises.

In the car on the way back everybody fell asleep but we passed by the legendary rum factory where the famous Havanna Club is produced.

Incredible !

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I got a moped man! 

So yeah…

One day the boys and me got some mopeds 😀

We cruised along the nice Cuban beaches and found some magical places.

I felt so happy.

So much freedom.

It was fucking awesome!

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It´s by far my favorite part of the trip.

We secretly sneaked onto a fantastic beach.

What a view.

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And as if that wasn´t enough…

That night we made the biggest fiesta of the trip.

We partied hard!

Almost nobody left the party alone 😉

That night a couple of people slept over in our room and there was a massive banana fight.

“It smells like sex and bananas in this room.” 

And that was the end of this magical journey 😀

Here are some honorable mentions:  Here´s me riding a bull.

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Here I am entering a deep stalactite cave which is over 300 million years old. Together with Fredrik from Sweden we jumped off a cliff that is about 8 meters high.

We had to jump directly into a small slit between the rocks.


Very dangerous!

But we needed the thrill 😉


On the last days we spent most of our days chilling and body-surfing at the beach. All day long.

Surrounded by beautiful girls in bikinis, a cuban cigar in one hand and a mojito in the other, I found it very hard to leave.


😀 😀 😀 What a life 😀 😀 😀


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