Dune du Pilat | Sandboarding on the biggest Sand Dune in Europe | France

The Grande Dune du Pilat.

The largest sand dune in Europe.

Located in the Arcachon Bay Area and only 60 km from Bordeaux, the Dune du Pilat is a must-see for every nature lover.

Before getting on the bus that would take us there, Georg and I bought ourselves a boogie board.

We had decided to go SANDBOARDING! YES, that´s right. SANDBOARDING! And boy it sure was one of the greatest experiences of my life. 😉

dune du pilat sandboarding

But let´s start from the beginning.

It was raining in Arcachon and we started to have doubts whether or not the sand would be too moist for boarding. But we stayed optimistic, hopped on the next bus that would take us directly to the Dune of Pilat.

On the bus, we experienced slight difficulties on the road because of, to our great surprise, heavy traffic. The bus driver, a fairly old lady, navigated this monstrous bus through the tightest streets while yelling ferociously at every other car that got in her way. You could tell by the fear in every passenger´s eyes that everyone on this bus was really intimidated by this woman.

Only half an hour later we arrived and found ourselves surrounded by a magnificent forest.

dune du pilat sandboarding

We started our walk through the forest and after crossing paths with a confused forester, who tried to lead us in the wrong direction, we arrived. 😀

dune du pilat sandboarding

As you can probably tell from the pictures, it was really steep and climbing up that dune turned out to be more challenging than expected.

dune du pilat sandboarding


My glutes were burning and the sweat was pouring from my face. The clouds had vanished and the sun was now shining down on us. As we reached the top, I was blown away. I could see the ocean on one side and the forest on the other side of this massive pile of sand.

dune du pilat sandboarding

Simply amazing. We also realized that we took the hardest way up, but that was worth it since we were all alone. Nobody else had dared to go up at this part of the dune. 😀

dune du pilat sandboarding

Once we had taken in all the beauty of the dune, I had my first go on the boogie board. At first, I just tried sitting on it and going down, which was the only way not to fall off all the time.

dune du pilat sandboarding

Since you are unable to make turns or slow down, you get faster and faster and reach a pretty high speed after just a few meters. I LOOOOOOOVED IT! 😀 😀

dune du pilat sandboarding

Time passed by very quickly and by the end of the day I had become a true sandboarding master (see picture below). With my special technique of holding on to the little string attached to the front of the board, I was able to go down almost the entire hill without falling.

dune du pilat sandboarding

What another great adventure. What a time to be alive! 😀

dune du pilat sandboarding

Have you ever visited a dune? Or a desert?

Let me know and write it in the comment section below! 😀

See you next Friday! 🙂 Fabi out.

dune du pilat sandboarding

4 Replies to “Dune du Pilat | Sandboarding on the biggest Sand Dune in Europe | France”

  1. What an impressive place! Great photos!

    1. Thanks Denis! Yeah it’s the best 🙂 and I think not so many people have heard of it yet.

  2. I’m assuming there isn’t a place to rent or buy regular sandboards nearby? I’m going in a few weeks and love sandboarding. If not, I’ll give your technique a try!

    1. Hi Sarah, no, unfortunately, there is not. It would be a great business idea though. I hope you had success with the boogie board 😀

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