About Me

Welcome to www.fabisblog.com,

the ultimate travel blog! 😉


Who am I? 

My name is Fabian Keresztfalvi and I am the author of this site.

I am doing my Bachelor´s degree in International Business Administration at WU Wien, with the focus on International Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation 😉

Besides I work as a Social Media Manager for companies in very different fields. From restaurants to apps to business consultant, I have to deal with a set of very diverse customers.

I love to have a lot of diversity in my life which challenges me to work and think creatively.

I see myself as a young and enthusiastic culture and language fan and as a young writer with a business background 😀

I am an absolute sports freak and I love learning new types of sport that involve a lot of technique such as tennis, kung-fu, kickboxing, TRX, surfing, slacklining etc.

Since I spent my exchange semester in Montreal, Canada I LOVE traveling and writing about it.

What is this blog about? 

In my posts, I write about the unforgettable experiences that I made during my trips and give you tipps on what to do and what to see in which city. Moreover, I will show you the most beautiful and exciting places that I found on this planet 😀


What is my dream?

My goal is that one day I am able to live from the income of my blog and my online marketing jobs so I can finance my trips and be constantly exploring new places.

Help me let this dream become reality and support me by subscribing and telling your friends about this blog if you like it! 😉

Who should read this blog? 

This blog is for you if  you are looking for inspiration for a destination for the next journey or anybody and want to gain a quick insight about a city or a country.

Or maybe you simply want to relax a bit and send your mind on a little adventure trip.

Or it could be that you have not had the time to write your own blog but really, really want to share your story with the world. If that is the case just send me an email tofabie.bk@me.com and tell me what you experienced.

If the topic and the quality fits, I will post it on this blog. GUARANTEED! 

Any questions? Write it down below in the comments! 😀