Lisbon Parte #1 – Power Start into Summer





After months of hardcore-studying for the hardest finance exam I ever had to face, I had finally earned my precious time-out from university.


Just to give you a little feeling of how stressed out I was here a little explanation:


I had fallen into a bad routine of regular smoking and excessive coffee consumption to the point where my body kept sending me obvious signals that this type of lifestyle is not going to reflect well on my health.


I was extremely nervous but in the end I passed and everything turned out well.




So on the day of my last exam, I went home quickly packed my bag and hopped onto a plane that took me straight to amazing Lisbon, in beautiful Portugal.


A city that has so much to offer. For a graffiti fanatic like me, I immediately felt that I was exactly where I belong.


I was sooo excited since my last travel dated back quite a long time.


In Lisbon I met up with three friends and after my arrival, we went straight to Bairo Alto, the famous party district of Lisbon.


This part of the city, tingling with these incredible vibes resonates strongly with the people. Everyone I met that night was so friendly.


Also I played a little game my brother from Bristol showed me, which he likes to call Minesweeping. Inspired the game („Minesweeper,“) you start drinking stranger´s drinks until someone punches you in the face (and the bomb explodes).


A very stupid game. But the drinks are so cheap that no-one really cares.


So that night I got fucked up.


I got so wasted that I lost all my friends and was not allowed into clubs.


End of story: I ran past a couple of policemen arresting a guy on the street and I accidentally knocked over a bin.


The police thought I was some sort of criminal and pushed me down. I tried to explain that I am a tourist and I would never harm nor destroy anything. I am just a drunk idiot.


With a big, black bruise on my right arm and an exploding head I awoke the next day, thinking to myself:


„What an interesting way to start my summer.“


With a pounding head and a belly full of painkillers. We made ourselves ready to head to south.


Our destination: the end of the world.


To be continued…


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