Montreal | 6 months in Canada | Part VII – Surfing in Montreal

Surfing in Montreal.

Is that even possible?

You bet it is!

Along the St. Lawrence River there are plenty of wild static waves. Static waves are waves that are produced due to the strong current and therefore always stay at the same spot.

First stop was HABITAT 67. A gigantic apartment complex, right on the verge of the river?

Looks massive, right?

I could imagine living here! So amazing! 🙂

Of course living in this place comes with a price. With that view though, that is absolutely understandable!

Here we found the first surf spot. Since it was unsuitable for beginners and there wasn´t any possibility to rent boards we had to move on.

Besides, the weather was beautiful the entire time. I like to think back to that time 😀

But before we went on: time to test my climbing skills 🙂

Some serious Monkey Business 😀

So we got on the bus and rode along the river heading South. After an hour-long ride we arrived.

At KSF we were finally able to rent some boards and wet suits!

I was ready!

In contrast to normal surfing there were some serious differences. With “normal” surfing you get pushed forward by the wave and you start paddling short before the wave hits you in order to gain the same speed as the wave. You wait for the perfect wave and then you start.

To ride a static wave, you have to lay on your front and then you get pulled backwards right into the wave. You have to constantly look backwards and at the same time try to keep the board straight. It gets really challenging to hit the perfect moment and start paddling like a freakin´ lunatic and surf into the gliding phase.

 Our first attempts were without great success. I had completely underestimated the power of the current. It is so impressive how strong such a river can be!

On top of that, the extreme paddling uses maximal energy and carrying the board was really tiring!

Nevertheless the Summer Feeling was unbelievable and we were all in a great mood! 🙂

Our friend Gísli from Icelind had joined our Surf-Crew 😀

Completely exhausted and really hungry we looked for a nice Steakhouse.

While surfing we met some cool people and arranged to meet with them at night to party.

We had had a lot to drink, especially Gísli´s Killer Schnapps from Iceland, which made the bike ride to the club quite challenging.

After a long day surfing and wild night partying, it was time to go home.

Good Times! 😀


Where did you go surfing? 😀

Write it down below in the comments! 😉

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