Montreal | 6 months in Canada | Part II – My First Adventures


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My room was bigger than expected, which made me very happy. Besides, it had 2 large windows so my room was always bright and filled with sunlight. The only thing I had to get used to was the fact that I did not have a curtain at that time. The windows were sidewalk level.

This led to some funny situations. One time I was getting dressed, meaning running around naked in my room and looking for my underpants, I suddenly noticed two older ladies looking through my window and smiling at me.


The kitchen too was quite big and from there you could exit into a little backyard, where I had a nice little garden. All in all, I was really, really satisfied with my apartment. The neighbors too, were really quiet and not unpleasant in any way whatsoever. 😀



Still, I had another week to kill until the official Welcome Week started. So I ran to the nearest Internet-Café and met other exchange students, who were also dying for some adventures!


And so we formed a nice little group. Firstly, we visited Vieux-Montréal (the old part of Montreal)…


… where we had some delicious meals…


… and the Vieux Port (the old port).


On the way back we made a short stop at the Notre-Dame Basilica. It is located right next to Place d´Armes Square. From the outside, it looks rather inconspicuous, so we experienced quite a surprise when we entered 😀

Just magnificent 😀 😀


Also worth seeing: The medieval demonstration at the Champ-de-Mars Square. Here people shoot using real muskets with actual gun powder.



The next day we wanted to get a closer look at our university HEC Montréal.

We were not disappointed!


By the way, the weather was just fantastic. Every day was around to 30 degrees. Just lovely!


Also the inside of the university looked very modern and provided a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.


The enlightenment! (picture above)

Shortly after the other exchange students from WU Wien finally arrived at Montreal,  and my circle of friends grew every day.


By coincidence I discovered the travel organization called, which offered a trip during the weekend with the title “The Royal Island Weekend”. So I bought two tickets for me and Victor, who was also studying at WU Wien. What did we have to lose?

Straight into the adventure! 😀

During the bus ride I already met many very nice and open-minded people. The exchange mentality was just great!


The bus took us directly to a beautiful nature reserve. Straight into paradise.

Together with Victor, we went exploring and found an enormous waterfall and climbed up. The thunderous flood waters were so loud, you could not even hear what the other person was saying!

What an awesome feeling! 😀


When I stood on top of the rock at the waterfall, I roared at the top of my voice:


I felt so alive! 😀


Afterwards, we just let ourselves float on the river and with pleasure, helped ourselves to some nice little beers! 😀

Also there was no phone connection at all, so we experienced a feeling of nearly complete isolation! I had not been this relaxed in a long time!

I was also getting along really well with the girls (picture below) and a few of them became some of my best friends in Montreal.


This was definitely one of my main highlights during my stay in Montreal. 😉

See you soon!


Are you a nature freak? 😮

Where is the nicest place you have ever been? 😀

Let me know and write it down below in the comments!

I am curious!

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  1. Looks like a great apartment! Enjoy Montreal 😀

    1. Yeah it was so nice, also reaaaally cheap since it was near St Michel and not near the Plateau, because that´s where everybody lives 😉
      Where are you from? 😀

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