Our secret lagoon in Portugal

Eu amo a natureza

And here we go. Boom shakalaka!

On our four-hour road trip from Lisbon to the end oft he world, we stopped by a stunning piece of natural beauty.

After having swallowed a ton of pain killers, I still didn´t feel any better.

But all the pain was washed away when I saw this:

national parc portugal

Also I saw the opportunity to test my acrobatic skills.

national parc portugal

The best things in life really are free.

Okey, this blog post is just gonna be nice pictures of this lagoon.

But isn´t it super pretty? 😀

national parc portugal

After some ice-cold baths in the ocean and a bit of rock climbing, we all took a one-hour nap.

Can you spot the Fabi? 😉

national parc portugal

I felt reborn. Fresh. Clean. Relaxed.

national parc portugal

My headache was gone and I could think clearly again.

I really enjoyed those few moments of complete mindfulness and really feeling the moment. We were all alone 😀

I took another ice-cold shower under a waterfall and we headed back to the car.

But damn, that stop surely made me realize that summer has finally arrived.

To be continued …

national parc portugal

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