New York City | New Year´s Eve in the greatest city on earth

New York

New York, New York 😀 😀 😀

Together with 3 friends, I spent a whole week in the city that never sleeps: New York!

New York

Only a few minutes after we had driven from the freeway into the city center of New York, something awakened inside of me. The whole city seemed to vibrate with such a unique power I had never felt before. Never in my life had I seen a city that exudes so much energy.

“So the stories are true.”

We were staying in China Town. A fact that had a significant influence on the price 😉

First destination was the Rockefeller Center. A gigantic building complex surrounded by a sheer endless mass of people. Named after the Rockefeller Family, best of all John D. Rockefeller. The richest man at his time.

It was crazy.

As soon as you exit the metro you dive into a huge mass of people that led us separated from each other within less than 30 seconds. By the way, that was also how it let us to where this picture was taken:

“Welcome to New York! You Rock!”

New York

Next stop: the Museum of Modern Arts or how the Americans call it: the MOMA 😉

New York

Another thing that you will notice if it is your first time in the US: EVERYTHING and I mean literally EVERYTHING is so fucking big!!! I mean just look at his “normal American” car:

New York

The adventure continued onto the oh so famous Times Square. From a few blocks away you could already sense that you are near, especially during the night, the light of the square illuminates the whole city. I stepped onto Times Square, squinted and looked around from all sides; giant advertising screens were beaming down on me.

And all of a sudden I felt very small.

An incredible feeling to be standing in the middle of Times Square, the centre of the world.


New York


The next day it was time to go up the Empire State Building and play King Kong 😀

New York

The view over Manhattan was wonderful, thanks to the good weather.

New York

 On the next day we made an excursion to the Wall Street and visited the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

A truly inspiring place to be!

New York

And then came New Year´s Eve! Over 2 million people had gathered at Times Square in New York to watch the ball drop at midnight. Instead of getting up at 10a.m. in order to go to Times Square and wait 14 hours until midnight while pissing into diapers (since there are no public toilets on Times Square) we decided to choose an alternative that did not involve starting the new year with a full diaper. 😉

Before we started our trip we had bought 4 Golden Pass Tickets which gave us entry to most of the bars and clubs between 5th and 6th Avenue, near Times Square. All-You-Can-Drink-And-Eat for the whole night!

Trust me, we certainly took advantage of that!

New York

At midnight my friend Marcus and I ran to Times Square, but we were too smashed so we missed the Balldrop. But the feeling was grandiose. That was a moment that nobody can take from us. 😀

New York

Funny story on the side: A friend of mine, Georg, was struggling with severe jetlag. So what happened next became the best New York – Party – Story of our entire trip.

Georg was gone. We desperately looked for him. “Where is that guy?” Then I spotted him. Sleeping, leaning onto a police car while standing, and in his right hand, with a strong grip, a bottled of water!! The picture was just too perfect.

A Police Officer got out of the car, and when he noticed it, he told us: “If you don´t get your friend off my car, I will arrest him!”

Well we certainly didn´t want that. Therefore we pulled Georg away from the car and placed him in the middle of the street. “Just stay here for a second! We will get you another water so you can sober up a bit!”

I ran towards the first hot-dog stand I could see (you find those around each and every corner) and sprinted back to the place I left Georg. I looked around. “This can´t be happening.” I thought. “I lost him again?!”

But then looked at the ground and there he was lying on the ground, arms and legs fully extended and snoring so loud that you could probably hear it from the top of the Empire State Building.

A great night!

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Apart from a marvelous Jazz bar near 6th Avenue, and a relaxing walk through beautiful Central Park, the visit to the World Trade Center Memorial and the One World Trade Center, we spent a lovely evening in a bar on the top of a skyscraper.

With a beer in my left and a cigarette in my right hand, I was standing on the roof, looking over this massive concrete jungle called New York!


New York


Finally we treated ourselves to a ride on the Staten Island Ferry to admire the one and only Statue of Liberty. I must say it is smaller, than you make expect but that does not make it less impressive.

New York

It was by far one of the most exciting trips I have ever made. New York was without a doubt the city that left the greatest impression on me.

So I decided to move to New York after my studies 🙂 The city has successfully seduced me <3

Have you ever been to New York? How did you like it? 😀

Which other city blowed your mind? 😀

See you soon! 😉


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