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The capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department on the French Riviera.


A magnificent city.




Some time had passed since I last visited “La Grande Nation” and my French certainly had seen better days.


But once again, only after a very brief stay at home in Vienna and still exhausted from my former travels to Portugal (Lisbon, Sagres, Porto) – the desire of exploring was becoming too strong and I gave in.


In Nice, I met up with my best friend Georg to embark on a mind-blowing 2-week road trip around the west side of France.


I couldn´t wait. And we had big plans. 😀


Our journey began in Nice.




Georg had already been there for a whole week practicing the flute in a so-called Master Class.


Frankly, I knew almost nothing about Nice before I got there.


I had no idea that the climate there is mild enough for palm trees to grow. The ocean was pleasantly warm. Much better than the ice-cold water in Sagres.


Life felt good. 🙂


First Night


On the first night we all sat down by the ocean, played some drinking games and I got to know all of Georg´s classmates and fellow students. Very kind people.


We then headed home to the students’ residence which was build upon a little hill not far from the beach. We only had one little problem. It was forbidden for outsiders (“non-students”) to spend the night there.


There was only one solution. I had to sneak in. 😉

Since we were quite a large group it was easy for me to disappear into the crowd.


I slept on the floor next to Georg and it reminded me of the time I visited him in Strasbourg, where I slept under the table 😀


The next day


The next day Georg had to prepare for his upcoming concert – so I decided to dive into Nice by myself and start exploring.


The monuments, paired with those unique French vibes and amazing climate made Nice stand out compared to any other French city I had visited before.




Here we have the “Fontaine du Soleil” – the fountain of the sun – on the main square. 🙂




Right next to it and at the beginning of the park “Promenade du Paillon” I saw a long stonelike-surface with hundreds of fountains.




I sat down for a while and watched the children play with the water. I then continued to stroll through the park and ran into this statue: Statue Masséna.




After that, I went out of the park and entered a new part of the city. 🙂



Here we have the Caserna Rusca – the Russian Castle.




This is the Palais de justice – the court of justice.




This also looks important. I forgot the name :/




I took a little coffee pause here and then looked for an ATM.




While asking for help I met two exchange girls called Denise and Nathalia from Switzerland and Mexico. They were very friendly and we exchanged numbers to met up later to play Volleyball.




Here I am inside of a church. I think it was the Nice Cathedral but I am not quite sure. I think churches are really boring and I have seen so so so many already.




Still…very nice church. 😀





Some interesting facts:



Founded by the Greeks and later a retreat for 19th-century European elite, the city has also long attracted artists. Former resident Henri Matisse is honored with a career-spanning collection of paintings at Musée Matisse.


Musée Marc Chagall features some of its namesake’s major religious works. 😉




I met up with Georg at his university to watch the concert. Very impressive! Especially one guitar player outperformed all the others. He played faster than anything I had ever seen and smacked his fingers onto the guitar to create a drum-like sound.


Really cool! 🙂




That night


That night we went out for drinks again. When we got home, we discovered an empty dorm room which apparently was used to store the cleaning equipment of the staff. I then decided to take it as my own room and tried to fall asleep thinking about what would happen if somebody caught me.


I was slowly drifting off when somebody knocked on the door. I jumped out of bed ready to run. I slowly opened the door but it was just Georg who wanted to tell me about the bus tomorrow. J



Last day


In the morning somebody knocked on the door again and I awoke with a near heart attack. I was Georg. He told me to leave earlier than planned, just to be safe.


I did and everything turned out fine.


We then chilled by the beach and then jumped onto our next bus. A night bus which would take us all the way from Nice to Bordeaux.


For me it was one of the most comfortable bus rides ever – for Georg, not so much. But you can read about that next Friday! 😉


Fabi out 😀





Question: What´s your favorite French city? If you have never been to France, where would you like to go and why? 😀


Let me know and write it down in the comments! 😉



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