Montreal | 6 months in Canada | Part III – The Welcome Week

Party Montreal

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It had finally arrived: The Welcome Week!

After a long period of waiting, all the exchange students were finally reunited and the ultimate party week was about to begin.

DAY 1 : The beach  

The program started off with a lovely day at the beach, with a wonderful view on the calm water, which looked just magnificent.

party montreal

There was a series of different challenges, for example the Pyramid-Sprint-Callenge, where you first had to down a beer, then flip the cup, run to a box filled with some sugary liquid and grab one of the big gummybears floating in it with your mouth. Then sprint towards the finish line and build a pyramid with the rest of your team.

Extremely funny.

On top of that it provided the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other better and it was just a whole lot of fun!

Afterwards, we started an exciting match of volleyball, two on two. Victor and I were against the Swedes Max and Fredrik. It was a very close match!

Later we got extremely hungry, so we went off in search for some food.

We found what we were looking for at an All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Restaurant .

Together with Victor and Ben from Australia, we gobbled down about a million sushis.
party montreal

Very innovative: you could order the Sushi directly from the iPaid on your table 😮

 DAY 2 : La Ronde

On the next day, we visited La Ronde, a huge amusement park in Montreal. Very similar to the Prater in Vienna.

party montreal

We had a Golden Pass, so we could go on every ride as often as we wanted 😀

Pure Adrenalin!

party montreal

And I shot up into the sky on the slingshot for the first time!

What an amazing feeling!

party montreal

My loud cry of joy, which mistakenly was interpreted as a cry of fear (just to make this clear), echoed across the entire amusement park.

The small, brave girl next to me was laughing at me during the entire ride.

party montreal

DAY 3 : BMX, Baby! 

On the third day, I went BMX riding for the first time together with Victor and Wanis.

A very cool sport! But incredibly exhausting.

In order to not to fall at every tiny mound or edge you had to be standing the entire time and bend your knees.

I think I have never experienced taking part in a sport this demanding.

Really wild! 😉

party montreal

Here you can see a little clip from Victor´s drift attempt:


And then we had some really stupid ideas:

party montreal

Luckily we did not get hurt 😉

You could finally be a kid again! 😀

Full speed!

party montreal

DAY 4: The Jet boat – Tour 

At 8 a.m. we started our jet boat tour along the St.Lorenz river. A jet boat is around 25 meters long and very narrow. Our destination: the wild “wave and vortex – area”.

Due to different currents there were many static waves and mighty vortexes.

And that was exactly where we planned on going. Straight into chaos!

The boat was sucked into the giant vortex and just at the very last moment it pulled out of it. Then giant waves came crushing down on us and everybody got completely soaked.

At least we were awake after that 😉

party montreal

Fun Fact: Nobody had told us before that we were going to get that wet so many phones got wrecked during the ride.

 DAY 5: Climbing the Mont Tremblant

On the fifth day, we once again boarded the bus, which took us North to the Mont Tremblant, one of the biggest mountains in Québec.

During the winter, this area would be a popular ski resort. But it was summer back then, so we starteted our ascent at 32 degrees.

party montreal

The ascent took us several hours, mainly because we got lost several times and accidentally took the wrong way up.

This way, we discovered a grandios natural beauty. This little unspoiled pond.

party montreal

Still we were quite happy when we finally reached the top.

I was super happy!

party montreal

 DAY 6: Piknic Electronik

To finish, we allowed ourselves a day at the legendary EDM-Festival in Montréal:

the Piknic Electronik.

It was held in the Parc Jean-Drapeau, which was on the other side of the St.Lorenz river. Therefore, we had a spectacular view of Montreal.

party montreal

Under the mighty metal construct, you could hear heart-rending beats and the people were dancing wildly.

Also, here you didn´t have cups like you would at normal festivals.

You drink from buckets! 😀 😀

party montreal

Moreover, this was the first day, I saw a beaver in Canada. He hopped across the field and quickly disappeared into the next bush.

 Definitely a very, big Canada moment for me! 🙂

I was in a very, very good mood that day! 🙂

party montreal

party montreal

DAY 7: Sport

On the last day, I was exhausted and just really tired. Still, I wanted to get back in shape as quickly as possible. My body felt, that a very big and exciting party week laid behind.

So I decided to organize a big tennis group and go play in the park to sweat out all the alcohol.

Marvelous! 😀

party montreal

I instantly felt way better and healthy!

In the evening Gustavo, Yasmin and Victor and I went to Schwartz for dinner, a Charcuterie Hebraique (a hebrew butcher´s shop / restaurant. And we ordered a lot of delicious food! 🙂

party montreal


The Welcome Week passed very quickly because there were so many things to do.

I had some unforgettable experiences and made friends around the entire globe.

I was very enthusiastic.

See you soon,


Where did you have your greatest party? 😀

Have you visited festivals in other countries? 🙂

Let me know and write it down in the comments! 😉

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