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porto port wine tasting


Porto …


porto port wine tasting


What. A. City.


porto port wine tasting


Now to be completely honest here, I did not expect much of Porto.


I kinda got talked into going there by my friends.


I´m glad they did 🙂


porto port wine tasting


We were quite fortunate with the weather. It was just perfect.


We arrived late at night by train, after having returned our rental car in Lisbon, which was quite a thrill.


We were sooo late and almost all the roads were blocked so it was impossible to get to the rental place by car. So I decided to risk it and go down the wrong direction of the one-way street that led to the rental place.


It took us forever but in the end, we made it and and the police didn´t spot us on the way down.


After that, we ran as fast as we could (wearing fuckin flip flops !!!)  down to the train station to board the train just on time. I like to think back to this moment of relieve that we felt the moment we sat down on the train.




Something similar once happened to me when I was 16 and traveling through Barcelona. Some guy stole my camera and and ran out of the train. I too got off and chased after him. Meanwhile the train left 😮 I felt not only devastated but also scared because I was all alone and my Spanish was not good at that time. So I had to let some fucked up, completely wasted cab driver take me across the boarder to catch up with my friends on the other side in order to catch our train to Switzerland.


Point is, we made it too. Bad thing was back then we did not have “the cloud” or something alike to back up all the photos, and that is why my entire footage of our three-week journey got lost. But I learned from it.


Tip: Always back up your photos with some cloud service. I for my part LOOOVE google photos because it keeps all your pics in one place and arranges them in the right timely order. <3


Anyway, …


Back to the story.


Day #1


On the day of our arrival it was already quite late and since we were starving, we decided to go to the nearest restaurant to, once again, stuff ourselves to the point of feeling sick with all the tasty deliciousness that this city had to offer.


The view from our hotel room was spectacular. We stayed on the top floor of a phenomenal travel hotel. From here, we could watch what was going on in the entire city.


porto port wine tasting


Then we headed out for some first exploring, filming, and shooting photos.


Day #2


After some decent breakfast, we signed up for a free guided tour.


Tip: Always check for guided tours. They are more or less offered in every big city around the globe. I have done them in many, many cities and it was always an amazing experience of having a local showing and explaining to you the history and culture of his or her city. I especially enjoyed the one in New York 😉


We examined the Clérigos Church, the Palácio de Bolsa and we got lucky to witness a lovely wedding ceremony of a supposedly very, very rich family.


porto port wine tasting


Captain Fabi. Let´s sail away 🙂


porto port wine tasting


The main symbol of Porto is the enormous bridge Ponte de Arrábida.


This spectacular bridge gets you over the river named Douro, from one part of the city, where the center is to the other part, where the wine is 😉


At night we joined a local pub crawl. #halligalli

I love the Portuguese nightlife. The streets are always crowded and full of friendly, warm people.


I really miss the warm climate.


Day #3


Porto is world famous for its wine.


The Port wine.


Highly expensive outside of Porto and with a long tradition and many local brand such as Taylor´s which have been around for centuries.


porto port wine tasting


Is it good?


I must say: NO.


It´s awful. Not good. Nononono. Really.


I am a big fan of fruity red wines and port wine had an extremely bitter taste. I really like the classics like French Sauvignon but I am also into Italian wines like Lambrusco, which I discovered while in Treporti.


But this did not stop me from trying out every wine I could lay my hands on 😀


One of our friends was still suffering from his broken toe that he had due to his surfing accident in Sagres.


So we got him a wheelchair. He looked so sharp.


To our all discomfort, Porto is not very wheelchair – friendly. It took quite some effort to push it to the top of the hill while the sun is burning down on you, especially when you are drunk.


porto port wine tasting


Porto has a very artistic touch. You will notice this when you stroll through the streets and stumble over some very cool graffiti …


porto port wine tasting


… sculptures …


porto port wine tasting


… weird bunny houses …


porto port wine tasting


… and mooooore graffiti…


porto port wine tasting




porto port wine tasting


and did I mention the graffiti?


porto port wine tasting



Porto also has some funny trees that are really fat at the bottom. Interesting 😮


porto port wine tasting


Also they have chicken running free in the fancy Port wine cellars.


porto port wine tasting


Here is a picture of me on a scooter covered with buttons 😉


porto port wine tasting



Me and the gang playing the imitation game 😉


porto port wine tasting


I was blown away by the sheer beauty of Porto. I did not see that coming.


porto port wine tasting


I want you to tell me something…


What is your favorite red wine?


If you don´t have one what is your favorite wine? Could be white, red or any color really. Is there blue wine? If not there should be!


See you next Friday 🙂


Fabi out.


porto port wine tasting

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