Montreal | 6 months in Canada | Part VI – Réserve Faunique Mastigauche | National Parks Quebec

Réserve Faunique Mastigauche

Our nature trip continued.

From the National Park La Mauricie, we moved on to visit the Réserve Faunique Mastigauche.

The big difference between a Reserve and a National Park is that you are allowed to hunt and fish, iff you have a license. This meant that there are a lot more wild animals in the Reserve. In addition, the official hunting season would start in a week, which subsequently meant that the animals were not yet scared away or easily startled.

At a cracking pace we were cruising down the sandy roads of the Reserve.

Out of boredom, Victor had the brilliant idea of giving me an introduction to drifting.

Well, it almost went horribly wrong. 😀

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

During a very tight turn, I turned too heavily and almost crashed into a mountain slope.

The front of  the car got wrecked. Fortunately, we had insurance 🙂

It got dark very quickly so we looked for a suitable place to spend the night. We secretly parked on a un-used private parking space in the middle of the forest. We then got comfortable with some delicious little beers and snacks. We stared at the sky and philosophized until we got tired 🙂

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

Then we all got into the tent, wrapped up in our cosy sleeping bags and instantly fell asleep. Everything was perfect, or was it? 😀

All of a sudden I was awaked by something. Max and Victor were sitting straight in the tent and were looking at me horrified. “What the hell is wrong?” I asked. “Fabi! Be very quiet.” Victor whispered in a strained voice. “There are some wild animals outside and they are eating all our food!”

Of course, we had not followed the advice of the car park attendant who had told us to hang all our food as high as we could onto the trees. Instead we left it right in front of the tent.

I could hear the cracking of branches under the weight of the animals. “I saw them when I was out there peeing. 3 dark beasts. They were coming towards me so I quickly jumped back into the tent.”

What animals were they? A lot of thoughts suddenly whirled around in my head. Raccoons, wolfs, bears? It was all possible!

The tent was shaking and we could hear the sharp quacks and the noise they were making while eating.

Even if it only was a skunk, it could be dangerous if it bites. You never know what kind of disease  those animals carry around!

But Victor had a plan: “Fabi! Where are the car keys? I will unlock the car, the lights will flash and that should scare them away.”

No sooner said than done.

But we still did not feel very safe. Especially when we heard a lot shriek from the distance.

I had goosebumps!

The beer gradually started to push onto the bladder. I turned to the side and saw my brother who was looking at me with the exact same tense look on his face. “Man, I have to pee so bad, but I don´t want to get eaten!” he whispered in my ear.

He was right. So we tried to go back to sleep. But the pressure was too big so we decided on the count of three, to sprint out of the tent. I never thought that I would fear for my life while peeing.

But everything turned out alright and we could sleep in peace.

On the next day we had wonderful weather.

Even though we were only an hour drive away from La Mauricie we immediately noticed that the nature looked much different.


There were many wide and flat rivers with thick stone slabs, where you could easily walk.

Very special!

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

If you walk upstream, you will find beautiful waterfalls because of the terraced rock formations.

And that was where we sat down and listened to the sound of the water.

And again we were all alone! 😀

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

Because of the bear attack from the night before I bought a slingshot. Now I was ready for every threat. 

When we took a closer look at the waterfall, we discovered a little cave behind the water. We climbed in and sat behind the roaring waterfall. The cave had the shape of a little sofa, so there was enough space for everyone.

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

A moment of pure relaxation under the thunderous waterfall 😀

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

Feeling like Superman! 😀

Just awesome!

From these two last days we were exhausted. We stopped off at a little restaurant where we allowed ourselves to have the biggest pizzas we could find!

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

With a full tummy we dozed off to sleep.

On the next day we walked a lot and took some beautiful brother-pictures!

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

Two idiots in the forest 😀

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

Not bad 😀

Moments built to last.

We moved deeper and deeper into the forest and entered the forbidden hunting area. We sifted through the prohibited area in the hope that we could spot some bears.

Unfortunately they were really hard to find 🙁

But we found a little lake. It gave us a lot of calmness.

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

We found a rowing boat and explored the other side.

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

On the other side we found this beaver dam. That´s Canada!

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

 One last time we were able to see out over the Résérve Faunique Mastigauche from this hunting perch and said goodbye to this beautiful part of Quebec.

Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

Bye, Bye 😀

Have you ever been to a Résérve?

Have you ever been hunting? 😮

Write it down below in the comments!

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Résérve Faunique Mastigauche

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