Sagres – the end of the world | Surfing in Portugal

Surfing in Portugal

Beach, waves, good vibes

Kava Banga! 🤙

The four sharks from Austria had arrived at the END OF THE WORLD!

And we were ready to catch some waves and toss ourselves into that beautiful ocean.

Exhausted from the long road trip we first needed to fill our bellies with some delicious freshhhhhhhhhh fishhhhhhhh.

surfing portugal

We stayed at the glorious Surf Hostel named “Sagres Natura”. Not only was it our hostel but also our surf school.

The surf coaches were really chill and the place was just sososo cozy and filled with good vibes. A very great location to relax after a heavy surf day.

A great place, with two guitars, a Ping-Pong table and a comfy living room.

surfing portugal

Surf Beginners

Go surfing they said. It will be fun they said.


They were right!

Surfing rocks.

surfing portugal

As someone completely new to the sport, our first day consisted of various exercises on:

  • how to drag the board out into the ocean
  • how not to cut yourself with fin when a wave hits you while doing that
  • how to paddle before the wave hits you with six long easy strokes
  • how to keep up with the speed of the wave when it hits you with four fast strong strokes.

surfing portugal

They said I was a natural talent 😉

How to surf

On the second day we proved to be very fast learners so we continued with the next steps:

  • how to stand up while in the monkey posture, which means upper body looking directly to the front and arms hanging down in front of you, so you look like a monkey 😉
  • how to balance and adjust to the power of the wave, especially because each wave is unique in its power and direction.

surfing portugal

How to control your surf board

On the third day we basically repeated and practiced what we had learned on the day before but also learned

  • how to gain more speed by putting more pressure on the front foot and
  • how to slow down again by putting more weight on the back foot

surfing portugal

On that night we had another awesome jam session and got high on top of the spooky “scary house”, which was an abandoned old house next to our hostel.

surfing portugal

Practice surfing

On the fourth day, we decided to practice on our own so we took our car and strapped our boards to the roof and headed for the nearest coast. That day we had bad luck because the waves were extremely bad. Not only that but our friend Felix had a crash on his board and broke his toe. Now if that wasn´t already enough, the poor guy got completely sun-burnt and had to lie in the shade all the time.

surfing portugal

How to turn with your surf board

On the last day, we were really excited because we could not believe how much we had improved over this short period of time. On that last day we learned a lot about

  • how to turn left and right by again shifting your weight to either one of the sides and thus making a turn into the desired direction.

surfing portugal

At the end, our surf coach told me and my friend: “Listen boys. You have become really damn good. Tomorrow you can go catch the green waves.” Unfortunately, we already had to leave and travel to Porto.

But we will return.

That´s a promise!

surfing portugal

Surfing Portugal: The Best Wind, Waves, and Water

If you are a water sports enthusiast and want to catch some great waves in Europe, check out the article from AllTheRooms. They have written about “Surfing Portugal: The Best Wind, Waves, and Water” where they count down the top places in Portugal for breaks, beaches, and boards.

Go check it out! 🤙

surfing portugal

The little mermaid 😀 😀

surfing portugal

The end of the world does not look too bad after all.

Kava Banga! 🤙

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