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Toronto Trip

Ready for Toronto?

TorontoTogether with a group of 10 people I started my journey in Montréal, heading south.

Final Destination: Toronto.

We stayed at a tiny hostel in China Town. Very dodgy place I must say.

When we arrived we were not even sure if anybody lived there because the street just looked completely abandoned.

So when we arrived we spotted a plastic chair on which was placed a black telephone. There was a black circle drawn around with an arrow pointing at the phone and a note saying: “Pick Me Up.”

Great first impression.

On the first day we went straight to see Niagara Falls, which only took us about an hour from the city center by car.

A natural spectacle. So beautiful.


The boat there took us as close to the falls as possible and it was even possible to go behind the falls.

True natural beauty.

“Who Needs Viagra When You Got Niagara?”


The next day we visited the enormous CN tower, which is the 7th largest building in the world.


After that we visited the Ontario Museum of Arts and found some interesting art collections.


Later that day we had dinner at a fancy Thai-Restaurant and explored Toronto´s Nightclubs. In comparison to Montréal you can already feel that this city is strongly influenced by the US.

On the last day we paid a visit to the Hockey Museum and I touched the famous Stanley Cup.


Also I tried on one of the first hockey uniforms ever made.

Very sexy.


I found it extremely interesting to learn more about the history of Ice Hockey in Canada. It is more than just a sport. It is more like a religion. The stadiums are the churches and the players are their saints.

The absolute highlight of my trip to Toronto is still watching my first Ice Hockey Match. I had the opportunity to watch the Ice Hockey World Cup.

Russia vs Sweden. Awesome!


Such an elegant and fast sport but at the same time very brutal.

I didn´t even see the first two goals because I was not used to the speed of the game and the small size of the puck.

The game ended Russia 2-1 Sweden and the atmosphere was great.

All in all, a great weekend trip for everyone and those you live in Montréal. 😀


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